Full authentication services:

With our “full authentication” service for Income and Corporate Tax payers, faulty applications can be detected and corrected; thus a possible tax audit risk is reduced to minimum.
If the accounts of the companies exceeding the limits in the law with no. 3568 are audited by the sworn financial consultants, it is deemed as audited by the staff of Ministry of Finance. The companies taking the “full authentication” service, are considered to be audited by the state investigation staff; thus, may not be investigated under normal conditions without any special reasons or a warning.
Our authentication services are listed below:
·                     Corporate tax and income tax statement appendices,
·                     Detection of capital payment,
·                     Investment discount application,
·                     Detection of income exempt from tax,
·                     VAT return,
·                     Detection of Executive Board shares and advertisement incomes of Radio and Television Broadcasting Enterprises,
·                     Detecting if the capital increase from the internal sources complies with the legislation,
·                     Detection of the existence and implementation of the conditions for tax exemption for trusts.

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